Digital logbook for general aviation, ultralight and glider pilots (3in1) with the ability to track financial and much more. The application is available in Czech and English.


With the app, you can record a flight in seconds from anywhere. With internal airport database, the app automatically detects your location and fills in a number of details for you. This eliminates the administration associated with the flight and you can use the time saved for other activities.

Searching and Filtering

You can search and filter your data by various criteria and tags. With these features you get a clear summary that allows you to find out e.g. how many hours you have flown on a given aircraft type during your flying career, or how much a particular flight cost you. This clear summary will help you better understand your data and make it easier to manage.

Quick overview

PICLogit is not just an logbook! Its comprehensive tool that gives you an overview of your flight hours, experience and costs. It will keep all important deadlines and milestones in sight and allow you to plan your next steps efficiently.

Important deadlines

Important milestones still in sight. The validity of your documents, need to fly a certain number of hours, or the maximum break allowed between flights. This information is crucial for a pilot's career and is always visible in the app.

Evidence of types

Enter each aircraft only once, including the rental price and billing method. This gives you an overview of the last time you flew that aircraft and how much it cost you to rent it.

Data export

You can export the data at any time, whether you want to have an offline backup or to process the data further. Export is possible to PDF format (FCL-PART)

Data import

The application supports importing data from CSV files. This means that you can easily transfer data from other systems. E.g. from MS Excel, which can be saved in CSV format. For more information or help with your import, feel free to use this address info@piclogit.com.

Customize the app to your needs

The app offers a number of preferences that allow you to adjust the behaviour to best suit your needs.


Technical specifications

  • Works on most devices (computer, tablet, smartphone)
  • Ability to use the application in a web browser or as a PWA application
  • Data transmitted by the application is encrypted and regularly backed up
  • The data is stored in a data centre in the Czech Republic. They are quickly available and safe in the European Union


  • Number of hours by pilot function
  • Flight hours overview (aggregation by pilot function)
  • Cost overview
  • Overview of deadlines and milestones


  • For pilots of ultralight aircraft, general aviation aircraft and gliders
  • Optional block time recording
  • Integrated airport dataset with support for localization of current position
  • Predefined times in the pilot function, or the ability to define your own
  • Ability to record approaches
  • Cost tracking
  • Ability to simulate a physical copy of the logbook with a defined number of lines per page
  • Export logbook data to PDF (FCL-PART)
  • Advanced filtering


  • Basic information about the aircraft
  • Price per flight hour and method of charging


  • date - fixed expiry date (e.g. end of medical licence)
  • interval - interval in which additional conditions must be met (e.g. flying a certain number of hours as PIC)
  • retrospectively - the interval specified by the number of days back in which additional conditions must be met (e.g. flying a certain number of hours as PIC in the last 90 days)


  • Import data from a CSV file (regardless of the data source)
  • The application includes functionality for determining the meaning of parameters
  • To import data, the following prerequisites must be met
    • The file must contain a header
    • It is not possible to use multi-line headers (the second line in the file must already contain data)
    • All times in HH:mm format (e.g. 13:22)
    • The naming of the columns must be descriptive enough to facilitate the configuration for import (e.g. "place" vs "departure place").
    • A prerequisite for a successful import is the correctness of the data


  • Definition of default parameters (used currency, PIC name, flight accounting method...)

Other flight experience

  • Definition of default values for times in pilot function and operational conditions and numbers of landings


The basic version of the app is free - may contain advertising.

The price for using the app without ads and restrictions is 10 EUR/year.

Piclogit s.r.o. K Bažantnici 965, 250 85 Bašt. IČ: 19268114 The company is registered in the Commercial Register under the file number C 383480 and is registered with the Municipal Court in Prague.